For Business Owners, Coaches/Consultants & Service Providers

The Show Up Guide For Your High-Ticket Sales

Say Good-bye to:
Unqualified & Tire-kicker Leads
No-Show & Ghosted Sales Calls

Want to Close More Sales?
The Answer Is Very Simple....
You Need to Talk to More [qualified] Prospects

The Show Up Guide for High-Ticket Sales is a Structure for you to customize for your business.
You will begin to:

  • Have the Right Conversation
  • ​​With More of the Right People 
  • ​​Say More of the Right Things
  • ​​At the Right Time
  • ​Make More Sales With Greater Clarity, Confidence & Certainty!

When you set up the Show Up Guide in Your Sales Process:

Get Leads to Show Up for Your Sales Calls
Prepared, Qualified & Excited  to Know How to Work With You

Hi, I’m Jim Padilla.

Over the last 6 years my wife, Cyndi,and I have built a multi-million dollar business, helping Entrepreneurs make more sales in their Business.

During that time one of our biggest challenges
has been making sure we capture AS MANY leads as possible, so our clients never miss an
opportunity to change a life and make the impact they were born to make.

So we dug into what makes some clients blow off their sales calls while other clients show up excited and raring to buy.

Rosetta Thurman - Happy Black Woman

What was most helpful to me in working with GTE is that they made the process of scaling my business with an outsourced sales team so simple.
As the sole coach and creator in my business, it's been difficult to grow without consistently selling high ticket programs.

GTE was the perfect partner to help me to implement a profitable strategy for bringing amazing clients into my business on a regular basis, both online and in-person at our live events.

If you're at a point where you're ready to add a sales team to your business, GTE would be a great next step!

Justin Livingston - Lucrative Luminary Training

Phone Sales have been a Heaven-Send for our online business, significantly increasing our overall sales!!
Thank you Jim, Cyndi and the entire GTE team for taking care of our clients!