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"Phone Sales have been a Heaven-Send for our online business, significantly increasing our overall sales!! Thank you Jim, Cyndi and the entire GTE team for taking care of our clients!"

Justin Livingston
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Discover Why Bringing In The Sales Experts Could Be The BEST THING That Ever Happened To Your Business...
Hey Friend,

Jim and Cyndi Padilla here.

We created Gain The Edge for one reason: to take successful, purpose driven businesses to the next level.

Simply put, sales is our passion...

So it need not be yours.

We realized that our expertise and enthusiasm would have the biggest impact if we focused on contributing our sales skills and resources to drive the growth of purpose driven companies (like yours).
Jim & Cyndi Padilla
Founders - Gain The Edge
Time after time, we’ve watched business owners suddenly relax and rediscover their love for their enterprise when we take the weight of a sales department off of their shoulders, and deliver them results that far exceeded what they had been able to manage on their own.
With A Rock Star Sales Team - Business Is Good...
  •  Your customer base is growing consistently.
  •  Your customers buy more frequently.
  •  And your sales flow in effortlessly...
...BUT do you know the fastest way to get there?
Let Our Top Notch
Sales Army Do It For You!
Here’s What Happens 
When We Start Working Together...
First we'll get on the phone together and dig in...
  •  What do you sell? 
  • What is your sales process?
  • How do you generate leads?
  • How are you creating and retaining repeat buyers?
  • What are your sales goals for the future?
Co-Creating Strategy To Grow Your Sales
Once we have a solid understanding of your business, next we'll...
  •  Assign you a sales team precisely tailored to the size of your customer base...
  •  Focus single mindedly on doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling (or more) your sales…
  •  Maximize revenue and efficiency by upselling or downselling your buyers as appropriate…
  •  Handle every customer with courtesy and professionalism so they feel great about buying from you and are happy to recommend you...
It's Really That Simple.
We learn your business, your customer base, and your objectives inside and out, and then drive your sales through the roof. 

The most important part? 

Once we have the information we need from you and get our team into flow, you won't have to lift a finger to make another sale happen.
That’s what happens when you bring in professionals
and let them do what they do best. 
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What Our Clients Have To Say About Us
Elizabeth Purvis
Sachin Patel
Josh Turner
Danny Iny
Elizabeth Purvis
"Jim along with his amazing wife Cyndi and their team of rockstars have taken on the behemoth task of providing a heart-centered sales ARMY for transformational leaders. Anyone who has ever filled a coaching program with more than 10 people knows what a ginormous undertaking this is. NOT having a sales team nearly killed my business (and left me incredibly worn down and disheartened in the process)… then this guy came along… someone who loves sales as much as I do and could meet me on my level… and changed everything."
Bill Baren
Big Shift Coaching
"I am always searching for that one strategy that can increase the impact and revenue in my business. Using Gain The Edge outsourced sales team has been the #1 strategy I have used to consistently produce million dollar launches. We take care of the marketing and Gain The Edge takes care of talking to hundreds of potential clients. I love it and so do my clients. This is the wild card that has helped my business grow over the last few years." 
Rosetta Thurman
What was most helpful to me in working with GTE is that they made the process of scaling my business with an outsourced sales team so simple. As the sole coach and creator in my business, it's been difficult to grow without consistently selling high ticket programs. GTE was the perfect partner to help me to implement a profitable strategy for bringing amazing clients into my business on a regular basis, both online and in-person at our live events. If you're at a point where you're ready to add a sales team to your business, GTE would be a great next step!
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What Changes After You Start Working With Us?
Hands free sales growth! 
If there's a sale to be made, we’ll be there. 

Our sales team will handle your campaigns, events, launches, and your low or high ticket evergreen sales. 

Once you’ve brought us on board, we master your sales process and improve it every week!
Zero bandwidth concerns!
Stop limiting your campaigns to fit the size of the salesforce you have.

We have the resources to scale our team to fit any job, so you can start thinking about where you WANT your business to go, instead of worrying about how much work your team can or can't handle.
Flexibility At Your Fingertips!
Controlling lead flow to your sales team takes time and energy... Too many leads, and sales opportunities start to fall through the cracks, too few, and your salesforce gets hungry. 

GTE’s salesforce expands or shrinks to match your leads, not the other way around. 
Free Yourself From The Burden Of Managing A Sales Team!
Recruiting, training, managing, and yes, occasionally firing employees in an in-house salesforce is a full time job. 

When you work with us, you're instantly free from those demands, giving you more time and energy to focus on playing in your genius zone.
And While We Love Supporting Entrepreneurs...
We’re Also Not For Everybody!
  •  If you’re not already running a profitable business, and you’re hoping GTE can wave a magic wand and make your company successful...
  •  If your business isn’t something that you’re deeply passionate about, and you’re not driven by values and vision before profit…
  •  Or if you’re not open to working collaboratively with a team of professionals who can support you in deploying effective and efficient business practices...
Then this simply won’t be a good fit - and you should not book a call.

Fair Enough?
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Why We Do What We Do...
And With All That Being Said...
Here's What To Do Next
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You’ll get to speak with one of our head coaches to discuss your enrollment, and they’ll help you get clear on whether or not working with Gain The Edge is a perfect next step for growing your business…

If so, we’ll schedule your first meeting with Jim and Cyndi Padilla, and if not, we’ll recommend what you may want to do to grow your business instead.

So, if you know that now is the time to take your business to a higher level of efficiency, ease, and performance…

And you know that NOW is the time for your business to have a greater impact in the marketplace...
Then click below to start your application now.
We Look Forward To Hearing From You!
About Jim and Cyndi Padilla
Jim Padilla
Visionary and Captain of the Ship
Jim is a Master Sales Trainer, and an expert team builder. His background as an athlete led him first into the world of professional sports coaching, and then to business. His commitment to leadership development has earned him the honor of sharing the stage with renowned business consultant Jay Abraham and master motivator Les Brown. 

The combined power of leadership, teamwork, and experience is Jim’s passion. This has led him to create and lead a seven-figure international sales training team, and to his current work in bringing sales teams under his leadership into diverse enterprises in many areas of the economy. While he’s been in the world of building high performing teams in sports and business for 20 years, Jim is just getting warmed up.
Cyndi Padilla
Queen of Making Things Happen, Co-Captain of the Ship
Cyndi is equipped to handle high volume, dynamic business environments with ease, confidence & success. Her signature strength is developing teams & creating cultures of commitment, results and impeccable service. ​

Cyndi ​enjoyed a successful career in retail store leadership, working for retail giants such as Target and Gap​.  Trained in Business Management with a masters in Organizational Leadership, Cyndi excels at managing projects, team, and ensuring your success!
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