7 Keys to Selling in a Crowd
While Making Them Feel Like
It's Just the Two of You
People make great decisions when they are feeling good and resistance has been removed.

There is an art to removing resistance and creating ease in a conversation.

These 7 Keys apply whether you are selling a product, or selling an idea to your team.
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As the founders of Gain The Edge, Jim & Cyndi Padilla are known in the personal development and business coaching world as the go-to experts for all things Influence, Leverage and Sales.

Their purpose is to help entrepreneurs leverage the power of collaboration to scale their business and impact the world the way they intended.

With their army of heart-centered sales rockstars Jim & Cyndi partner with top industry leaders to help exponentially increase their online launch, and back-of-room revenue.

Their unique, behind-the-scenes position gives them a vantage point few others have, keeping GTE and its clients on the cutting edge of influence, sales conversion and scaling strategies.

Others talk about what should work, Jim & Cyndi can tell you whether or not it did. This Dynamic Duo knows things most people simply can’t!

Jim & Cyndi Padilla
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