40 Days to High Performance
Unlock the secrets of super successful women to gain the edge without hustling, striving or pushing… and get on the fast track to your million dollar business with Cyndi Padilla
August 6th - September 24th, 2018
  •   Are you a successful coach, expert or online business owner who is starting to feel “stuck” now that you’ve finally reached that “magical 100K year” you first dreamed about when you set out to start your business?
  •   Do you feel like you just don’t have the time, the energy or the capacity to double or even triple your results QUICKLY because you’re already stretched so thin as it is?
  •   Does it seem like you often have to make decisions in your business and in your life based on your circumstances INSTEAD OF your vision?
  •   AND, even with all of that hanging on your shoulders you STILL dream of reaching more people, having more impact, and making more money? 
Then I have some good news for you…READ ON to discover how I created $330K in my business as a new coach…and soared to 1.1 MILLION in year 2 without losing myself in the process. 
First, let’s get real… your excuses for not achieving your ambitious goals aren’t working anymore.
The truth is…
Your family is NOT the reason you have not created your 6 or 7-figure business yet.

Netflix and Facebook are NOT the reasons why you always feel distracted.

FEAR is NOT the reason you have not made 6 or 7 figures in your business and built out a team to support your company vision.

The alignment of the stars is NOT the reason why things just aren’t working out for you right now.

Your CONSUMPTION and ENGAGEMENT with distractions is your problem.

Here's a million dollar TIP:
Super Successful Women understand that what you give your attention to, controls you. Life doesn’t just “happen” to successful women because they control the narrative in their days and in their life.
A Super Successful Woman...

  • Is in CONTROL of what gets her attention 
  •  LEVERAGES her time, energy and focus on activities that produce exponential results in her life
  •  Makes DECISIONS confidently, strategically and quickly 
  •  Sets a goal and stays the course no matter what 
  •  Chooses her VISION over a “Plan B” 
HOW does she do it? How can YOU get on board with super success? 

This might sound surprising, but she doesn’t actually *DO* anything.

It is her way of BEING that is different. It is her mindset. Her habits. Her way of thinking that allows her to achieve so much, so fast without completely burning herself out, disappearing from family life, or sacrificing her health (she even gets to watch Netflix and play with social media!).
How do I know? 

My name is Cyndi and I am just like you...well 5 years ago I was a version of you.

Let me explain…

In 2013, I left my 6-figure, 4-weeks vacation, 401K J.O.B. without a plan.

In fact, the ONLY thing I had was a deep, innate knowing that I needed to leave the corporate world and that something amazing was waiting for me.

Soon, I started coaching and quickly realized that my husband and I could create a business of our own together.
Our first year in business we did $330K as new coaches!
But, behind the curtains it was not all roses and unicorns…

Everything I had learned up to that point in school, in the corporate world and from the culture that surrounds us, had taught me that success requires long hours, hard work, and sacrifice. And, there I was: working long hours, doing hard work, and sacrificing time away from my spiritual practice, my family, and myself.

My bank account was full, but I was depleted.

After that first year, both the business and my spirit were on a trajectory to crash and burn because we were growing so damn fast!

How could I possibly SUSTAIN this growth AND live a full and rich life?

I remember waking up one morning feeling completely overwhelmed, out of control, lost and no idea what to do next. So, I did the only thing I could think of doing:

I got on my knees and prayed! I begged for a NEW Way. I cried out for PEACE.

What I got was:

Slow down, stop all the doing.
You do not have to DO everything.
You don’t have to DO anything...just stop.

WHAT?!?? How can I stop or even slow down with a multiple 6-figure business on the line?!

The answer to that question was clear: I had to find a NEW way of BEING.

I realized that NOTHING was going to work long term if I was a hot-mess: confused, anxious and fearful of the future!

I HAD to clean up what was happening inside of me FIRST if I was going to be able to continue to expand with my business and my growing wealth.

I took this valuable lesson and blocked out time every day, first thing in the morning to figure this out. That was the beginning of my Sacred Morning Routine.

I committed myself to this practice and it did not take long to see the results:
In our second year, we scaled from $330K to $1.1 Million in revenue! 
To get there I had to:
1. UN-LEARN a lifetime of patterns, beliefs and behaviors that were no longer serving me, my spirit or my core BEING.

2. LEARN how to connect my soul and align my business the right way.

3. Internalize this NEW way of BEING so deeply that it became automatic so that I no longer had to “fake it ‘till I made it” or use “force” to get myself to where I wanted to be.
All of this is possible for you too! Introducing...
40 Days to High Performance Habits & Mindset of 7-Figure Women Entrepreneurs
August 6th - September 24th, 2018
I’ve designed a predictable, step-by-step practice that will train you to achieve exponential results EVERY SINGLE DAY without the confusion, overwhelm, or crippling “what the heck do I do next” syndrome!
Instead of going through yet another program, reading another book, watching another webinar that feels good in the moment and teaches you MORE things you need to DO to be successful, you will learn and internalize a practice that makes success inevitable.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on more strategies, more marketing, more support (that feels like more work for YOU) and STILL not getting the results you want (MASSIVE SUCCESS), you are about to learn an easy and enjoyable process that will benefit every aspect of your life (including your bank account)!

I hear you saying, “yah, right! I’ve heard it all before."

You are feeling overwhelmed and now here I am sharing something else to implement.
I know this is where YOU get STUCK...the implementation.
What I know is that information & knowledge without implementation is useless and a waste of time!

I don’t waste time: mine or yours.
I know you have been praying for a REAL, LASTING solution that you can embody, implement and live out day to day. 
You are ready for a teacher, guide and the intimate support of one who has gone before you, one who gets you.

This is exactly what you will learn how to achieve for yourself in this groundbreaking 40 Day Program.

In just 40 days you will:
  •  Learn my fail-proof 7-step formula to transform your way of BEING from “woman-on-the-go” to woman in flow.
  •  Develop the mindset and habits of highly successful 7-figure women entrepreneurs
  •  Discover how to stay focused and accomplish MORE in less time. 
Special note to you: my formula is the foundation for YOU to CREATE your way of BEING and showing up in this world. I am not looking for copy-catters. I want women ready to Escape the Ordinary and live an Extraordinary Life!
All of this will support you in scaling your business as far as you can dream.
Whether you are starting from zero and want to skyrocket to 7-figures in only 2 years (like I did), or you are ready to turn your 6-figures into multiple 6-figures THIS YEAR, this program is for you.

Over our 40 days together, we will dive deep into the 7-Steps to 7-Figures Formula in 3 Modules:
MODULE 1: The Spirit
  •  Connect deeply and allow Source to guide you
  •  Interpret the nudges from your intuition and when to take action on those nudges 
  •  Avoid the negative cycles of distractions, fears, and other people’s wishes and desires for you 
  •  Develop increased confidence and trust in yourself and your vision 
  •  Become magnetic, focused and clear in every part of your day 
MODULE 2: The Mind
  •  Break down complex situations and get clarity quickly to make better (and faster) decisions
  •  Identify what blocks and negative feelings stand in your way, how to own them and move on 
  •  Make decisions based on where you want to go NOT your current circumstances 
  •  Mindset of high-performance and decisive action 
MODULE 3: The Physical Realm
  • Discover the critical connection between spirit and mind and how that shows up in your body
  •  Listen to your body’s wisdom - knowing how to do this alone is miraculous! 
  •  FUEL your body for the most important tasks at hand
  •  LOVE and RESPECT all that your body does for YOU 
PLUS...these amazing BONUSES...
BONUS #1: One-on-One with Cyndi
All FULL PAY enrollees will receive a 20 minute private coaching session with Cyndi. Cyndi's normal fees for 1:1 coaching is in the thousands. 

As she has shared, her time is her most precious resource and she is very selective about who she takes on as 1:1 clients. 

This call with be powerful and awaken you to what's possible for you in your business and life. Working together with Cyndi, you will discover together how to optimize your 40 days with her.
BONUS #2: Sacred Bundle
The first 10 enrollees will receive a FREE Sacred Bundle with personally selected and packed tools for you to add into your morning routine.

This bundle includes the same sacred tools that Cyndi uses in her own Sacred Morning Routine and you will be surprised and delighted by the special gifts selected especially for you inside.
YES! I am ready to unlock the secrets of Super Successful Women and learn how to be The NEW 7-Figure Entrepreneur! 
Two Payments of $247
I bet this work isn’t exactly what you thought I’d be sharing with you as the KEY to my rapid ascent as an expert, thought-leader and 7-Figure Business Builder, is it?
5 years ago, I didn’t either. Back then I was about the DOING all the time.

Don’t get me wrong---I DO get more done in a day and in an hour than most women do in a week.

BUT it is this way of BEING that allows me to LIVE my life -- to travel, to hang out and hike with my daughters, to spend time with my family and friends, and to only work 2 days a week in my 7-Figure Sales Company.

By taking this 40 Day journey you will learn how to BE the high performing, super successful, 7-figure entrepreneurial woman you want to be with more time, ease, and FREEDOM than you can imagine.
What if I’ve tried all this “mindset” stuff before and it just didn’t stick?
I’m sure as smart and cutting edge as you are, you have tried a TON of platforms and strategies. And maybe even some new and advanced apps that promised to get you the same results as the high performers you admire. I know, because I did this, too!

I bet you believed each time that “it will someday all be under control. This app will get me there faster!”, only to be disappointed time and time again.

The problem isn’t in the strategies or the technology. The problem is that you were completely missing out on the REAL game changer that sets the elite apart from everyone else.

Super High Achievers, the Elite, THINK differently. We ONLY focus on the most important tasks, decisions that they have to complete. We have a high-performance mindset that actively blocks out all of the other noise and distractions.

AND, we weren’t born with that mindset. No one really is! We learn it, practice it, and make it a habit.

40 Days has been proven to be the time necessary to UN-Learn your current habits, practices and mindsets that have you exactly where you are now and replace them with this new way of BEING that will naturally take you to where you want to be.

This time, you are going to experience REAL CHANGE at your very core.

Are you in?
YES! I am ready to unlock the secrets of Super Successful Women and learn how to be The NEW 7-Figure Entrepreneur! 
Two Payments of $247
Why am I charging so little?
I can confidently say this course is worth much more! 

What I am about to share is the culmination of a lifetime of learning, formal education (my expensive Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership included!), and more importantly the last 5 years of UN-Learning, Expanding and Huge Transformation I have gone through in building my 7-figure business.

I am a disrupter at heart.

I am here to shake things up, to wake women up to the extraordinary business and life that is yours! I’m sick and tired of listening to women complain about how hard life is, how hard it is get their business up and running….IT’s NOT!!
I’m here to make a real difference, to contribute greatly and to support  ambitious women to create a life exactly as they want.

BEFORE you can build a real, successful, sustainable business you must do YOUR WORK. 

It’s time for you to Expect MORE.

I’m here to share what I know: You have ALL you need to succeed in business and life!

I’m here to share what I LOVE: Witnessing women realize their own innate power!

It’s so damn beautiful, it brings me to tears everytime I support women into Leading and Loving the life they only dreamed about!

You are not lacking anything. You just need to be willing to make some small changes to the way you are BEING and how you show up in the world to get the results YOU want.

I’m here to tell you, if you keep on the path of endless striving, proving and pushing to make things happen, no matter how big a business you build or money you manifest, it will NOT last!

You will not BE fulfilled.

So, let’s do this. For REAL this time.

In devotion to your success,

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