The 1 Inch Mile Resource by Jim Padilla

Gain the Edge

The Game Changer For Your Sales You’ve Been Looking For!

Gain The Edge is not your traditional sales service company. In their first 2 years of business, Jim & Cyndi Padilla generated $2 million in revenue with no websites, no ad spent, no business cards... only through their unique yet incredibly consistent secret method of lead generation (Partnerships!)

They are taking what they learned in building top-flight sales teams and attracting the Best of Best clients like Zig Ziglar, Bill Baren, and Josh Turner and bringing it to coaches, consultants and business owners like you!
They believe and Live out the belief that "Nothing Big Ever Gets Created Alone".
Partnership is the cornerstone of their 7 year success. It makes the journey more enjoyable, rewarding and faster.

We invite you to book a call with Jim and our team and we will reveal the secret behind our powerful partnership network and how you can use the 1 inch mile for your growth. Additionally, if you are interested in using events to fast track your growth you'll discover how to easily fill your events with your ideal clients without spending money on ads.
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